The Rapid Takeover Of Afghanistan


     The recent takeover of Afghanistan has shocked many people, but it’s been a long time coming. Formed in 1991, the Taliban started their attempts to take over Afghanistan. The Taliban was a small group of Islamic patriots, but as time has passed they’ve grown to over 75,000 personas as of September 1, 2021 In 2017, the Taliban had control of at least 12 territories, compared to July 9th when they had ninety. At the time, there were 167 territories contested and 141 government united territories. In the beginning of August, only Kabul, the capital, stood. As of August 15th the Taliban had completely taken over Afghanistan. Once Kabul had fallen to the hands of the Taliban, the president and officials  were reported to have fled with cash. A number of people  have come up with hypotheses on why the ex-president Mohammed Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai fled, one of which says that he was himself afraid of the Taliban and the deadly chaos they had made and so was forced to flee with some cash and only a select few close employees. Another hypothesis was that the ex-president was easily bribed by the Taliban to leave and give control. In a report he was said to have fled to prevent a flood of bloodshed. After the Taliban took over the presidential palace ,with the president evicted, they declared the war to be over and seized control of Afghanistan; they started hunting down American allied people and troops. President Joe Biden of the U.S.A. was given until August 31th to evacuate as many Afghan people and his army as he could. He later received criticism and backlash for leaving several American people behind, after missing the evacuation deadline. He also used a bomb which killed several Americans, but successfully got rid of the enemies nearby.  There are many Republicans, and even some Democrats that say Biden should have handled the situation better and put more forethought into his decision; however, most  are saying he handled the situation fine and took the right call.