My Summer Sunday Itinerary

Tessa H., Staff Writer

     I’m one to plan out the contents of a trip — complete with times and activities — and then scrap the ideas, knowing it would be too hard to stick to a rigid schedule. Now that it’s summer and school has ended, though, I’m left feeling like I need some structure. If I could have an ideal and realistic summer day, here’s how it would go!

6:00 am – Wake up, only to fall back asleep. For some reason, I always tend to wake up super early in the morning on weekends/summer. Perhaps it could be because I’m not required to wake up early — so my body actually wants to.

8:30 am – Wake up (not a false alarm) and do my usual morning routine. I slip on some clothes, wash my face, brush my teeth, and brush my crazy morning hair. I also say a good morning to my two dogs and two cats in the form of pets and hugs.

9:10 am – Run outside to fetch the New York Times for my dad. I take the kids section of the newspaper and sit outside to read it, since it is already bright and sunny.

9:40 am – Go back inside and get a muffin and fruit (my ideal breakfast). I’ll sit with my brother as we chat about our favorite book series at the moment.

10:20 am – Scavenge for a book to reread and sit at my desk. I’ve read all of my books, so I’m finding ones that I really liked and reading them again to find the details that I missed the first time.

11:00 am – Rollerblade around my neighborhood with my mom and my dogs. This is kind of a balancing act for my mom — on one side, she has the dogs, and on the other side, she has me. But it’s pretty fun!

11:40 am – To cool down, play with my brother in our pool. We usually do ring diving competitions and battles with floaties. I’ll also get a popsicle to eat while I dry off after I’m done swimming.

1:00 pm – Practice my piano songs and listen to some music. I love playing the piano, so much that I could spend so much time playing that I would lose track of time. I also like to listen to my assigned songs on YouTube.

2:30 pm – Eat some lunch with my family and get bubble tea from Chaca Tea Bar. I recently discovered how delicious boba was, so my family now loves to try different kinds of drinks and teas. I’ll have some avocado toast for lunch.

3:20 pm – Talk with my friends by email/text. It’s fun to catch up with my friends, especially after a packed school day. We always find interesting things to chat about, and we end up with deep subjects and a rich conversation.

4:00 pm – Help my mom prepare dinner (matzo ball soup and homemade sourdough bread) while we catch up. While sitting with her, I think of short story ideas.

5:30 pm – Sit with my family and eat dinner while we play games. We love to play games with one another — recently, we’ve been building up our strategy for mancala and reversi. 

6:40 pm – Play the piano more. My favorite types of songs to play are mysterious, playful, and fast ones.

7:10 pm – Watch an episode of the Australian show, Lego Masters, in my living room. Lego Masters is a game show in which teams build intricate models with legos in an attempt to wow the judges. 

8:10 pm – Sit in bed and read a book for a couple minutes, so tired that I fall asleep immediately. I dream of going to school, quite ironically. Since my dream feels so real, I am thoroughly confused when I wake up in my house.