Last Minute Year Books Sales


Nahiara M., Staff Writer

Wondering if you can still buy a Yearbook? Well, you can! Yearbooks are still on sale until this Thursday at midnight. Yearbooks will be distributed at school on Tuesday, June 1st, and will be available to be picked up Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of the next week during the school’s Grab and Go event. After that, a new online platform will be formed for you to still buy Yearbooks until they run out! If you are in person and purchase one starting June 1st, when the new online sales platform begins,  just come to H-22 to pick up your Yearbook. If you are doing Distance Learning and purchase your Yearbook starting June 1st, then you will need to go to the office to pick up your book.. More information on the new online sales platform will be shared on the grade level Google Classroom pages starting Tuesday, June 1st.