3D print these when your bored


Marlon M., Staff Writer

3D printing has been experiencing an upward trend ever since its invention. With prices for these machines going down, increasingly more households own 3D printers. Due to the pandemic, many people have been sitting at home being bored out of their minds. With 3D printers, you can create a myriad of things, from cloth to prosthetics. You do not have to go that extreme to have fun with a printer though, as shown by these three things that you can print while you’re bored at home.

Have you heard of a digital sundial? Well, they exist. A twist on the age-old invention, the digital sundial is designed mathematically to show numbers instead of a line. No batteries, no motor, no electronics are used to make this sundial. Some websites sell these for up to 70 dollars, but you can print your own for a bargain. Do take note, however, you might need some extra bolts and washers. You can find the link to the sundial here.

This next group of things just shows how versatile the 3D printer is. 3D printers can print a variety of instruments, from Ocarinas to Violins. Now, these instruments are not going to sound like they were made from Stradivarius, but they will give you some fun and enjoyment. The whistles that you can 3D print are also a good one to try. The ones I printed got to over 120 decibels.

The last 3D printable item just shows the power of the 3D printer and will pique your interest in the craft of 3D printing. This is a clock. I don’t mean a clock case like you might find on some website, but printing everything from the springs to the gears. An example can be seen here.

Though there are many figurines, gadgets, tools, among other things that you can print, there will always be something that someone hasn’t designed yet. 3D printers are versatile and you can design whatever you want with much different software.