In-Person School Is Closer Than It Seems


Tessa H., Staff Writer

     Many students have personally figured out when their optimal time to go back to in-person learning is — some are itching to finally get social interaction, but others are reaping the benefits of attending school from their bedroom. Where do you fall on that spectrum? Well, an Aeries Communication email was sent out on March 16th on behalf of our superintendent, Mauricio V. Arellano. This article will unpack what it talked about concerning Distance Learning.

     Firstly, let’s look at students in elementary school. Two days ago, the Board of Education voted to approve the recommendation from the district to return to in-person schooling for children in elementary school starting on April 5th. To adjust with the circumstances, these classes will be following a hybrid schedule to minimize mixing and maintain social distancing.

     But, what about middle schools like Cope? Since San Bernardino County has shifted from the purple tier to the red tier (a substantial level of the spread of Covid-19), some school districts are considering bringing secondary schools back to in-person learning using a hybrid schedule. So, not long after April 5th, some form of in-person instruction will begin. Hang tight, though, because once a schedule is agreed on, your guardians will take a survey indicating whether you will opt to go back to school.

     After Spring Break, schools will be on the brink of opening and offering in-person learning. But, don’t forget — everybody was going to have to stop wearing pajamas all day long at some point!