Cope Students Place First and Second in Math Competition


Marlon M., Staff Writer

Last week, four Cope students, 6th grader Elena Zhang and 8th graders Ellie Zhang, Amanda Liu, and Marlon Moenius competed in the preliminary round of the MATHCOUNTS Competition. MATHCOUNTS is a nation-wide competition with thousands of students competing. Because of the pandemic, the layout of the competition is different compared to one of the previous years, where there is a preliminary round before the state competition, which MATHCOUNTS calls the “Invitational” competition. Furthermore, two rounds, the Team, and Countdown rounds were dropped due to many factors. Despite this, two Cope students, Amanda Liu and Ellie Zhang made it to the State round of the competition; two of five people from our chapter out of about 60. Out of the 13 participants in the Invitation, Ellie and Amanda placed 1st and 2nd respectively. They are currently preparing for the upcoming State competition which will be held next month, on March 25, 2021. 

The two have worked hard for years, ever since 6th grade. They have consistently made it to the State competition. However, this is the first time they have made it as single competitors. When reflecting on the years of hard work and dedication, Amanda said, “After 3 years of doing Mathcounts, I have experience and I’m familiar with the format of the problems. My work has paid off but I definitely could have done better.” Nonetheless, all four students did exceptionally well in the competition, and we cannot wait to see the performances of Amanda and Ellie in the upcoming State competition!