Idris Legg’s Turtle-y Sensational Art


“I feel that art and turtles are somewhat alike. Not in any physical attributes or anything like that, but instead what they’re going through behind the scenes. As we live out our daily lives, the turtle’s food source and home is being taken away inch by inch — just like the funding and love for art. In the words of the great Drake, ‘Better late than never, but never late is better.’ We need to come together right now, while we still can, and make a change for turtles — and also for art.”

Tessa H., Staff Writer

     There are many amazing artists at Cope, and one exceptional creator here is Idris Legg! He joined the coastal art and poetry contest of California — with his entry receiving an honorable mention! I got to interview him on entering the contest and making his piece.

     Idris wanted to participate in the coastal-themed contest to “showcase his art towards a larger crowd.” It was the perfect chance for him to reach all of California. In response to how he felt when he was awarded the honorable mention, he states, “I was very happy and excited.” He also compliments all of the other participants and their remarkable art.

     To create his artwork, Idris put a lot of effort — and supplies — into it. “For the realistic turtle and background, I used colored pencils, and for the doodle/collage area, I use alcohol-based markers,” he states. It took him roughly three weeks to finish the piece, but it definitely paid off! With the contest being coastal- and ocean-themed, Idris wanted to put his personal twist on one of his favorite animals, the sea turtle. He states, “I’ve always liked the way they’ve been portrayed in art.” 

     Let’s give Idris a round of applause for his amazing accomplishment! Obtaining an honorable mention is no easy feat. Hopefully, his story can inspire young artists just like you to try entering contests or sharing your work with your peers. You never know what could happen.