Kayliana Patton’s Fanart Was Recognized by Olivia Olson!


Tessa H., Staff Writer

Getting noticed by an actor you like is pretty cool, right? But when they compliment your original artwork? That’s something that would feel amazing… which is why Kayliana Patton was “so happy to see that Olivia Olson had seen my tweet and responded.” Kayliana posted a picture she drew of Olivia (which was an assignment for her advanced art class led by Ms. Roghair), the voice of Marceline in Adventure Time, on Twitter because she knew Olivia had the least followers on that social media platform. I interviewed her about Adventure Time and how Olivia saw her drawing.

Kayliana didn’t even know that Olivia Olson would see her drawing — “I actually posted it twice, and she saw it the second time,” she said. The chances of her tweet being noticed were boosted up by the fact that Olivia had posted a couple moments before. Kayliana recalled, “A few seconds later, I saw that she had responded to it, saying, ‘omg!! you are so talented, this is really really sweet.’” For a second, she just sat there because it felt unreal.

As I mentioned before, Olivia Olson is the voice actor for Marceline the Vampire Queen in Adventure Time. Kayliana likes this cartoon show because, while it is enjoyable to watch, it also teaches valuable lessons and illustrates character development. She specifically takes to Marceline because her character tries to understand why she is the way she is, and “grows from not knowing how to control her emotions very well to being in a healthy relationship with her current girlfriend, Princess Bubblegum,” she states. 

Receiving a compliment from someone you look up to is no easy feat, so let’s give some kudos to Kayliana on her amazing artwork!