Keeping Your Motivation


Nahiara M., Staff Writer

  Right now you may find it hard to do anything else in your day or even start your day. You may feel tired of doing the same thing every day and lack the motivation to do something new. If so here are some ways to keep your motivation. 

     As hard as it may be to find motivation, it actually lies within hobbies or small actions. This means that motivation can be found in something as simple as wanting to paint that day, or cleaning your room, or even getting dressed as if you were going somewhere. These small actions are so simple yet can make your day much more enjoyable. For example, in the morning you can make your bed, make breakfast for yourself, clean your space and get ready for school, get dressed, and do some homework. When you start your day off like that it puts you in a better mood. It makes it so you feel productive and enjoy your day even though it was just some small changes and actions. During lunch, you make yourself a good meal and eat outside if you can! You get fresh air and sun while enjoying food. If you can’t go outside at least open a window. It helps clear the air and makes the room less stuffy. After school, if you have time after your homework and other responsibilities you can start new hobbies or try and change up your routine. Instead of heading straight to watch TV or play games why not read a book, paint, walk and/or walk your pet, clean, or just do anything new. This way you mix up your days when you want to. It won’t feel like the days are repeating and you get a chance to explore hobbies and see what you like. 

     Overall, these simple yet small options can change up your week and your view on staying home.