Healthy Habits


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Kelsie V., Staff Writer

    Tired eyes, tight muscles, dry throats, are only some of the daily struggles that we encounter during distance learning. After a whole day in a seated position and the never-ending glare of the computer screen upon your face, it’s hard to get through the school day. Here are some healthy habits and tips that you can incorporate into your lifestyle and daily routines to make the day easier.

  • Sunshine Stretch

Stretching has many health benefits, such as loosening tight muscles and aiding in the areas of stress and posture. Especially since you may be sitting at the computer for the majority of the week, stretching can help you sit up straighter and ease back pain. Early morning stretches are very helpful particularly, as they wake up and energize your body for the rest of the day. If you prefer a slight workout in the morning rather than solely stretching, try yoga, as it will calm your mind and get you into a good mindset for the rest of the day.

  • Water Will Work 

You have likely heard repeated times that you must drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated, yet this can be hard when you are attending classes online. Keeping a glass or bottle of water next to your workspace can remind you to take drinks every now and then. Drinking water can improve your mood and how efficiently you work, as well as keep you from becoming dehydrated, which can lead to worse moods and getting headaches.

  • Get Your Grub!

It may be very obvious to eat your meals of the day, yet many students during distance learning wake up just in time for their classes and skip breakfast. Food is our energy source, our fuel, and healthy food is needed to keep the brain and other organs functioning. Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, because when you wake up from a long sleep, your blood sugar levels will be low, and the food consumed in the morning, will increase those levels and make you feel more energized and ready to attend class meetings. 

  • Break From Blue Light

It seems that all we see now are screens, and it is tough for your eyes to stay glued to the computer all the time. Take regular breaks from your desk or workspace and try doing something that doesn’t involve a screen or strains your eyes. Going outside to get a quick breath of fresh air can help the gears in your brain run more smoothly and can clear any anxiety and stressful thoughts circling in your mind. Blue light from screens can also affect your circadian rhythm and sleep schedule, so say good night to all your electronic devices a couple of hours before your bedtime. Right before you go to bed, read, or do something relaxing to make it easier to snooze away and sleep well.

     Hopefully, these tips and tricks can make your mornings and evenings and middle-of-day times a lot more productive and easier on your body and brain. Keep these habits fresh in your mind, school will be easier, you’ll soon find.