Looking for Fanfics…


Caroline C. and Subhadra M.

     If you’re a huge fangirl/boy like us two, you’ve probably been searching to find the best place to get fanfiction. Even if that’s not the case, you can find some original short stories, too. Here are a few popular writing sites with our opinions, warnings, and ratings of them!


  1. WattPad: This one’s a very well-known website, but it usually needs a free account to use. However, one must be careful. Not only are there a lot of mature themes in the stories, but most authors also don’t complete their fanfictions. (It’s a fan’s worst nightmare!) If you read the author’s warnings and notes, though, you can figure out which chapters and stories to skip. This site probably makes a 4/10.
  2. Archive of Our Own (Ao3): Ao3 is a widely popular site; I guarantee you that nearly every fanfiction you find will come from this site. There are a lot of very good stories on here that can satisfy your fangirl/boy needs. However, like WattPad, there are a lot of mature themes. Be careful to read the tags thoroughly before proceeding to read the fanfiction of your choice. I’d rate this site a 6/10.
  3. Commaful: As stated in a recent article, Commaful is by far the best social media platform. It’s a safe, kind, supportive community of talented writers. However, it has one flaw; the formatting of Commaful posts doesn’t support long fanfictions. Commaful works best with sweet and simple posts, so the best type of fanfiction to find and share here are one-shots and Y/Ns. I rate it, based only on the posting of fanfictions and not my experience or usage of this site, a 5/10.
  4. Quotev: This site has a huge variety of things on it, actually. There are quizzes, tests, short stories, and books. I mostly use it for quizzes (personality test, how much do you know about X Fandom, et cetera). Some of the posts, stories, and quizzes aren’t very appropriate, so read at your own risk! Still, there are a lot of fanfictions on there for a broad range of fandoms. There are quite a few originals, I think. This is maybe a 6/10.


     Don’t you worry, reader. Though it’s hard to find a good fanfiction website, you could always write your own fanfictions, or start your own website for fanfictions. Perhaps your site will be a fifteen out of ten!