Bicycle Safety!


Josephine H., Staff Writer

Imagine you’re driving in your car, and you come to a four-way stop. You stop, obeying the stop sign. Suddenly, as you’re speeding up, a bicyclist comes speeding from your left. You screech to a halt, thinking about what could’ve happened if you couldn’t stop in time or hadn’t seen the bicycle from the corner of your eye.


If you were the bicyclist, you weren’t obeying the stop signs. This small mistake could have cost you your life or a few days in the hospital. So, if you like to ride your bike through town, you’ll probably want to follow these rules to keep yourself safe throughout Redlands’ roads, big and small.


  1. Obey street signs. One of the most important, and easiest to follow, rules of the road is to follow the street signs. For example, stop when you see a stop sign or slow down if you see a “yield for pedestrians” sign.
  2.  Wear a helmet. Its sole purpose is to protect your head. If you do get hit or fall, you’ll be glad you wore a helmet.
  3. Ride in a straight line (unless you’re turning left or right) and ride in the same direction as the traffic. This will make sure that any cars coming from behind you can see you, and you won’t be heading towards oncoming traffic.
  4. There are four rules for a four-way stop. These include “first come, first served,” “yield to right,” “straight over turning,” and “right over left”. To fully understand these rules, read this article.
  5. Ride in bike lanes whenever possible. The green strip on each side of the road is the bike lanes. Not all streets in Redlands have them, but when they do, use them, instead of clogging up the sidewalks or precariously riding on the sidelines of the road.
  6. Signaling. Make sure to signal if you’re turning, just like cars do. So if you’re turning right, stick up your right hand at a 90-degree angle to make a backward “L” shape. And if you’re turning left, simply stick out your left arm, and to make it crystal clear that you’re turning left, you can stick up your thumb too.


Next time you go riding your bike in town, either alone or with friends or family, follow these simple rules to keep everyone safe.