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6th Graders: Come Get Your Club On!

Katie T.

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Too much free time after you finish your homework?  You could be sword fighting with friends, refining your acting skills for your next commercial audition, or even showing how much of a math wizard you are.  Here are some of the clubs available at Cope.

Breakfast Bible Club

Advisor: Mrs. McCurdy

  • Come together for good breakfast, fun with friends, and to practice your faith with others.
  • Meets Tuesday mornings in room G-19.

Drama Club

Advisor: Mrs. Roghair

  • Explore the world of drama and enhance your acting skills by performing in short skits and plays.
  • Meets Thursdays after school in the lecture hall.

Fencing Club

Advisor: Mr. Tarbi

  • Learn all about poise, etiquette, tradition, and how to use a foil in a 15 week course on the basics of fencing.  See Mr. Tarbi for more information.

Garden Club

Advisor: Mrs. McLean

  • Foster your love of gardening by learning how to plant and tend fruits and vegetables.
  • Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Cope Garden before school.

Math Club

Advisor: Mrs. Devi

  • Share your love for math with others, while solving real world problems and exploring the field of mathematics.  Meets in Mrs. Devi’s room on Tuesdays after school.

Running Club

  • Enjoy cross country running, improve your stamina, and overall fitness, and compete in multiple running events.  Runners run on Mondays and Wednesdays before school.

Ski and Snowboard Club

Advisor: Mr. Chavarria

  • Ski the slopes with your friends at Snow Valley Resort in Running Springs.  Look for information about this club after winter break.

Soon, in your math class, you will be given a poll about clubs you want at Cope.  So, there may be more clubs coming, such as Debate Club or a Business Club.  But, you will math-clubhave to wait and see!

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One Response to “6th Graders: Come Get Your Club On!”

  1. itshotgirl1009 on December 27th, 2016 1:52 pm

    To speak my mind, I designed to join 8’the grade spanish with chavvaria. Not kinda my thing, but at the most I got to be with my ex-boyfriend, alan.
    oh yeah, we also wathced a lot of movies. Espiccaly the one with jeff goldblum. OMG, I am totally crushing on jeff goldblum. And sam neill, and jason issacs, and rod stieger, and B.D wong, too. They are sweet, yet hot.


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The student news site of Cope Middle School
6th Graders: Come Get Your Club On!