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  • February 13Donate cat and dog food to I-27 for the CJSF Paws and Claws Food Drive.

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The Generous Canned Food Drive

Paawan S, Layout Editor

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Why do we do the canned food drive? We do the canned food drive because there are many people wh
o don’t have food during Thanksgiving, so we give them nonperishable food to help. Cope has been doing this generous act of giving canned food to the needy for several years. I recommend that you give canned foods to the needy because it is easy to just buy an 80 cent can of beans and just drop it in a box. Another reason why you should participate is because for example, put yourself in the needy’s shoes, if you were needy you would of course love someone for giving you food when you don’t have any. These are just some reasons why the canned food drive is important and why you should participate.


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The student news site of Cope Middle School
The Generous Canned Food Drive