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  • January 22The bus list for the upcoming Museum of Tolerance field trip will be posted after school today. Go to H-23 if your name does not appear on the list.

  • January 22Cope is starting a new club called Codes. In this club, students will get to code. Go to the Student Center for more information.

  • January 14Due to the weather, hot chocolate and donuts will be sold on 1/18, 2/22, and 2/24, in the morning.

  • January 14All 7th graders, turn in your permission slip to your homeroom class by Feb. 1st.

  • January 11There are chess club meetings held every Fri. during second lunch in M-51. Make sure to join!

Katie T. is the editor of the online addition of the Talon. She edits every article that is posted and assigns certain jobs to every student. In addition, she writes for the printed addition of the Talon. Finally, Katie is in 8th grade, and this is her second year on the Journalism team.

Katie T., SNO Editor

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