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  • March 16The book fair starts Mar. 16-Mar.25 for Barnes and Noble and online

  • March 14RHS parent info flyers will be handed out in Social Studies. Meeting is Apr. 9 at 6

  • March 13If you have lost anything in the P.E. locker room claim them by Friday or they will be donated

  • March 13The last run club meeting is Mar. 14th

  • March 13To go to the CJSF field trip turn in your Servce Log by Fri. The top 50 will go.

2017-2018 Staff

Akshay Balaji

Staff Writer

Fernando Alonso states that 2018 F1 is an important moment for Mclaren. Mclaren has been waiting for this moment for a while. Mclaren released their new challenger F1 race car to compete with other cars. This allows Mclaren to...

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Tanner Crow

Advisors assistant

They say that the wolf climbing the hill is not as hungry as the wolf on top of the hill, although when the king of the hill wants food, its there. Stipe Miocic broke the UFC heavyweight record with his third successful title...

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Layout Editor

RishiS. is a staff writer for the talon. He writes articles for and for the school newspaper. He is also the Layout Editor for the Talon.

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Harrison F

staff writer

Harrison F is a second year staff writer for the online and printed paper.

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Brooklynn R.

Staff Writer

Brooklynn is a seventh grader. She writes for the online news paper and the printed paper. This is her first year in Journalism. She loves writing articles on Cope students and things to eat and do around Redlands.

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Larra L.

Staff Writer

Larra is a seventh grader and is one of the staff writers for the online and printed paper. This is her first year in Journalism. She enjoys about writing about latest news in Cope.

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Akshay B.

Staff Writer

Akshay B. is a staff writer for the Talon . Akshay writes online articles and the newspaper articles.

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Caden H.

Staff Writer

Caden H. is a staff writer for The Talon.

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Katie T.

SNO Editor

Katie T. is the editor of the online addition of the Talon. She edits every article that is posted and assigns certain jobs to every student. In addition, she writes for the printed addition of the Talon. Finally, Katie is in...

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Michelle L.

Staff Writer

Michelle is an 8th grade writer for Cope Middle School's online and printed paper. This is her first year in Journalism. She enjoys writing about Cope's student life and other fun topics.

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Hamzah B.


Hamzah B. is one of the writers for the Talon online paper and printed paper. This is his first year as a journalist and is very eager to be on the team. He enjoys writing about new media and the latest trends.

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Jackson S.

Staff Writer

Jackson is a 8th grade staff writer for both and The Talon newspaper. This is his first year in journalism.

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Emma M.


Emma M. is the Editor in Chief of The Talon. Emma is a second year Journalism student. As Editor in Chief, Emma assigns articles and watches over layout, distribution, and social media. ...

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