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  • January 22The bus list for the upcoming Museum of Tolerance field trip will be posted after school today. Go to H-23 if your name does not appear on the list.

  • January 22Cope is starting a new club called Codes. In this club, students will get to code. Go to the Student Center for more information.

  • January 14Due to the weather, hot chocolate and donuts will be sold on 1/18, 2/22, and 2/24, in the morning.

  • January 14All 7th graders, turn in your permission slip to your homeroom class by Feb. 1st.

  • January 11There are chess club meetings held every Fri. during second lunch in M-51. Make sure to join!

Caden H. is a staff writer for the Talon Online. He enjoys writing about sports.

Caden H., Writer

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