Who Wants to be a Billionaire?


Sarah M., Staff Writer

     Imagine that you just won 1 billion dollars! You might start to run out of ideas of what to buy. Here are some cool ideas for things you could buy with all that cash!:

  1. You could buy a very fancy car, such as a Tesla. Teslas can cost as much as $37,000!
  2.  Another thing you buy is your own private island. With a private island you could go to your island whenever you want to take a quick vacation. 
  3. You can also buy a yacht to bring to your island. Yachts are great because it is all yours and you could go to a bunch of places without having to get on a plane or cruise.
  4. You could get your very own mansion. Haven’t you ever wanted to live in a mansion? Well, if you won 1 billion dollars you could! 
  5. You can also get super fancy art. You could put that fancy art in your house or in a boat. 
  6. With a billion dollars, you could buy the latest electronics and expensive technology. 

     If you won 1 billion dollars what would you spend your money on? Write in the comments below.