Superb Superlatives


Subhadra M., Staff Writer

     It seems like distance learning started ages ago, doesn’t it? Surprisingly, it’s already time to submit nominations for eighth grade superlatives! You can nominate yourself, your friends, and other peers for fun categories.

     Yearbook, after much hard work, has posted a Form on the 8th Grade Google Classroom page for you to fill out. You can nominate a maximum of two people per superlative, one girl and one boy. There’s something for everyone on the form: science, math, tech, writing, future prospects, and more are all subjects you can vote on! My personal favorite question is “Most likely NOT to scream on a rollercoaster?” Branch outside of your friend group for answers and try your best to find someone who’s well-suited to the superlative.

     Make sure to take that Form and let your voice be heard! You know, I think you’ll get nominated for the “Most Likely to win America’s Got Talent” question. After all, your voice will be heard.