(Editorial) Why you should practice typing

(Editorial) Why you should practice typing

Harris G., Staff Writer

     Language is the foundation of human civilization. Being able to communicate is absolutely necessary as a human. But as time has gone forward, more of this communication is taking place in writing as opposed to speech. More recently, this writing has moved away from being hand-written and towards being digitally produced with a typewriter, leading us to today’s world where typing on a keyboard is a necessary skill. Yet, many people have barely practiced this vital skill and lost many hours of their life as a result. It’s hard to believe that the average person types at a mere forty words per minute, but it’s possible to increase that speed all the way to two hundred and forty.

    The small investment of improving your typing speed pays off greatly after even a short amount of time. For example, it only took me a couple of weeks of daily practice to nearly double my typing speed. Looking back on when I was a much slower typist, I couldn’t believe how inconvenient and slow everything was. Typing quickly makes my daily life—especially during COVID—vastly easier and more fun. Typing is no longer a painstaking inconvenience between having an idea in my head and showing it on the page; it was an easy process that came naturally to me.

     Still, you may be intimidated by learning to type more quickly. Fortunately, there are some tips that will greatly help you if you choose to learn. Firstly, using good software is very important. I learned proper typing form and originally boosted my speed using the aptly named typing.com. Now that I have learned the proper form, I use monkeytype.com, which is my favorite due to its lack of ads and great customizability. Also, if you’re wondering about proper equipment, you’ll be happy to know that a good keyboard doesn’t matter nearly as much as many think. You can achieve extremely high speeds with a laptop or another cheap keyboard.  

     Improving your typing almost completely comes down to investing the proper amount of time. Fortunately, this amount of time isn’t even that much, so get out there and start to learn to become a more efficient computer user today!