The Right Writing Resources


Subhadra M., Staff Writer

     Writers don’t just do informational pieces or fun tidbits. Sometimes, they write stories, as well. If you’re an aspiring story writer, here are a few resources, tips, and tools that can help you along!


  1. – Nameberry is a wonderful website for finding names. It’s intended for parents, hence the subtitle of “baby names,” but it’s very helpful in naming characters.
  2. Take advice from experienced authors who have already published! Oftentimes, it helps to see other authors’ perspectives on story writing. Some of them believe you should go with the flow while others believe in a stricter stick-to-the-outline approach. Choose your favorite authors and read about their strategies!
  3. – ThinkWritten is a very resourceful site containing writing prompts, tips, resources, and more! There are all kinds of writing styles, techniques, and ideas on there, so you can really figure out what appeals to you most.
  4. Social media – There is a lot of controversy surrounding the usage of social media by teens. However, if you are allowed to have social media, you’ll be surprised to find an entire section dedicated to writing on most platforms. Writers share all sorts of things on social media, and it’s a very useful tool.
  5. Music – Focus isn’t the only benefit of music, though that is always a plus. Oftentimes, a piece of music can really jumpstart your thinking process. If you want to write something happy, listen to something happy, and come up with a backstory to go with the music. Then, write your real story, based on that crazy backstory you just wrote.


     Here’s a bonus tip for you! Your imagination is what will kickstart a story. If you’ve got that, you’re good to go. Now, dear Reader, you have all the things you need to become a “dear Writer.”