Spruce Up Your Space


Real apartment interior decor, aromatic candles and plants on vintage tray with pillows and blanket on white windowsill, contempoprary home decoration

Nahiara M., Staff Writer

     Has the pandemic left you bored having to see your same old room over and over? Do you think it’s time to spruce up your living space? Well, I have some tips and ideas for you! 

     If your room feels outdated or just boring, there are some nice ways to furnish your comfort space. Some simple additions can make a boring room turn into a stylish living space. Some of these accessories could be anything from candles to rugs. 

*A nice scented candle is always nice, but why not get a funky candle? Try a moon-faced candle, boxed candle, or twisty candle! 

*There are also accessories such as plants.  Plants make a room feel greener and more alive and can be a great way to make a room feel fresh.  If you don’t have time or don’t know how to take care of plants, cactuses or simple plants such as snake plants are a great addition to your room. They can be decorative and low maintenance or a hobby and experiment for your plant growing days. Plants are relatively inexpensive. If you know someone with succulents in their yard, you can ask and maybe they will give you some trimmings for free.

* You can also get rugs as a nice way to make your room feel more full and cozy. It can range from small rugs for the entrance of your room, a centerpiece for a little more depth, or a rug for a cozy corner to sit and read in. Of course, a rug by itself is fine, but with seating such as a bean bag or chair and a small table, it can turn any room into a much cozier and welcoming one.

*One last accessory could be some wall decor. Whether this ranges from some painting, hanging lights, or a collection of vinyl, wall decor can make a room feel much fuller. You can also spruce up your walls by printing photos from your phone. Stores such as Walgreens offer deals on prints, so this is another rather inexpensive way to decorate your space.

     Hopefully, these ideas help you freshen up your living space and give you something to focus on during quarantine.