History Flashback: World’s Deadliest Computer Virus Pt. 1

History Flashback: World's Deadliest Computer Virus Pt. 1

Edric W., Staff Writer

It’s January 6, 2004. People are walking around, enjoying the spring weather, and talking to each other. A whale had exploded in a small city in Taiwan, and diplomatic issues had been resolved in Pakistan. They had no idea what would happen later that day.

In the early morning, a handful of users on the world wide web got an email from a generic name (Steve, Sue, etc.) with an attachment called something like message.txt. If opened, this attachment would inject a virus into your computer, which would then proceed to replicate certain files in your computer. It would send every single email on your contact list the same email with the same attachment, and people would then open that, again, again, and again. It would, along with that, inject a Trojan virus software into your computer, allowing remote access. Also, whenever you used your browser, it would run the virus again, executing the virus software again. This spread EVERYWHERE. However, this virus was more than this: it was intelligent. It avoided sending itself to domains that could discover it, like .edu, .gov, and others. It also avoided addresses like @help, @admin, etc. And this all happened before lunch.

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