Get Ready to Have Your Brain Explode


Lilus M., Staff Writer

     I guess this is the article no one asked for…unless you just need something to cure your boredom for three minutes. Anyway, let me provide you with a list of the most random weird facts. Yep, these facts sure do exist. Let’s get on with the show. 

     Did you know that the croissant was invented in AUSTRIA? So, for some reason, it’s been considered to be a food that originated in France…oui oui. According to my dear friend and enemy, the internet, the croissant started off as an Austrian kipferl. The bread was then made using puff pastry, which is a French innovation. So, there you have it. Stop using a picture of a croissant to display on your “French background” or “A Random Country: France” project for school.


     Here are a few gross random facts, so be prepared:


  • Hiding beneath your blankets supposedly keeps you safe from the boogeyman, but they don’t prevent you from sleeping with 1.5 million dust mites each night. So, consider wearing a big protective suit each time you go to bed.
  • Any carpet in your house contains FOUR-THOUSAND times more bacteria than your toilet. I wonder how in the world that happens. 
  • Both your pillows and bed collect lots of dust mites and dead skin over the year. Darling, no matter how many times you wash your pillows, the mighty mites will always find a way back into your life…or head?
  • Unless food is mixed with your own saliva, you can’t taste it. I’m not even gonna go in-depth about that one.


     Here’s one that’s not gross, but just too confusing:


     Apparently, more people pass away (that’s a nicer way of saying it) from falling coconuts than from shark attacks. Let me do some intense research. I just need to find out why in the world- okay, so a full-sized coconut weighs around 3.1 lbs. Hmm, I need to do some more research…Yikes, this dude named George Burgess, a director of the Florida Natural Museum of Natural History, stated, “Falling coconuts kill 150 people worldwide each year…” So I guess this cause of death is actually something very real and very serious.


     Finally, let’s discover some unusual weird facts relating to edible things…food.


     Every day, 7% of the U.S. population (328.2 million, as of 2019) eat at McDonald’s. I’m not really sure how that’s possible. Well, I guess it is? 

      Also, Americans spend more than $10 million on potato chips. Wowzers.


 Before I conclude, let me just tell you a few last wEiRd, unnecessary facts:

  • Every time you talk, you create noise pollution.
  • Right now, your eyes are getting droopy due to the blue light from your screen. So take a break from devices and go outside!!  

     There you have it. A taste of the world’s most random facts. If you use these facts daily, I guess you’d be considered a genius or something.