Crystals: they’ll change your life!

Crystals: theyll change your life!

Jayleen C., Staff Writer

      Crystals form over millions of years when liquid matter cools and hardens. Its slow and ancient growth helps us to connect with the power of the earth. Those detailed geometric patterns create vibrations. These vibrations are the way crystals can store specific energy and information. Don’t believe me? Well, did you know that clear quartz is used in watches, memory chips, ultrasound devices, and more to store information using its steady frequency?

      First of all, there are several different shapes of crystals that can each be used in different ways. Tumbled crystals are the most common form of crystals. They are smooth and comfortable to hold, which makes them perfect for meditating with. A wand crystal is rough on one end and pointed on the other. These are usually used in jewelry or can be used to activate crystal grids for the shape that allows direct energy to flow in a targeted way. Chunk crystals are usually presented as geodes that release their energy in a more diffuse way; ideal for household use. Some crystals are shaped to enhance sparkle and capture light, which amplifies the crystal’s energy. These are called cut crystals

      Let’s go over some common crystals and which chakra they associate with.

Hematite: eliminates anger to create a calm heart and clear mind. Agate: invites courage, strength, and self-confidence (root chakra located at the base of the spine)

Garnet: is a stone of health and creativity that helps prevent nightmares. Citrine: invites success and raises self-esteem (sacral chakra located right above the root chakra)

Tigereye: is a  stone of stability that enhances personal power and integrity. Pyrite: is the stone of defense and protection. (solar plexus chakra beneath the breastbone)

Rose quartz: is the stone of love that nurtures and eases anger. Emerald: encourages you to give and receive love. (heart chakra located at the heart)

Aquamarine: aids in expressing your personal truth and reduces fear. Blue lace agate: helps alleviate anger and tension (throat chakra located at the throat)

Lapis Lazuli: is a stone of focus that helps amplify thoughts. Fluorite: is useful for decision making and helps with concentration (third eye chakra located at the pituitary gland)

Amethyst: develops intuition and aids in tranquility. Clear Quartz: is a stone of healing, channels power, and amplifies universal energy (crown chakra located near the pineal gland)

      Charging and cleansing your crystals is just as important as knowing their purposes. A good rule of thumb is to never put a crystal in water if the name ends with “ite.” These crystals can dissolve! One of the safest ways to charge any of your crystals is to simply place them under the moonlight. Just make sure not to leave them overnight or the morning sunlight can damage some crystals. Selenite is also a very safe way to cleanse your crystals. Selenite can not only self cleanse and self-charge but can also purify and activate crystals around it. Just make sure to leave your crystals next to your selenite overnight to recharge and refresh them.

      So now you not only know which crystals you need but how to care for your crystals the next time you visit your local metaphysical shop!