Address Your Stress


Kelsie V., Staff Writer

    School and stress do not mix, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with countless assignments, tests to study for, and long, tedious novels to get through. We have all experienced stress, but that’s no reason to sit around and do nothing about it! Here are some tips to cope with a worrisome week.


  1. Writing’s Never Wrong!

Journaling can be a great way to get all your thoughts down on paper. If you are an especially shy person and despise talking to people about your problems, this method could be a nice one to try. Just sitting outside, gazing at the lilies, and scribbling your feelings away is sure to lighten up your day.


  1. A Little Exercise Can Go A Long Way! 

When you’re down in the dumps, riding your bike, or going on a nature hike will definitely help you. As you exercise, more neurotransmitters that improve your mood are produced, called endorphins. This can also give you fresh air to clear your mind, and some peace and quiet to relax from anxiety.


  1. Art Any Day

Losing yourself in an art project or playing an instrument you enjoy can up your happiness meter by a lot. Finish a painting you’ve been dying to complete, or fiddle away on your violin. Any hobby including gardening, reading, or baking, should spark a little joy for you.


  1. Love to Listen

Listening to music can help your brain destress from a long day. Classical music especially can lessen blood pressure and cortisol levels, making your mind and body feel calm and tranquil.


  1. Pets Are a Pleasure

Animals are scientifically proven stress-relieving companions. Whether you have a siamese cat or a labrador retriever, cuddling up with your pet will put a smile on your face. Instead of worrying constantly about your schoolwork and grades, sit down, let your cat climb into your lap and relax.


Hopefully, these can be good pointers in whisking all your stress up and away.