A Puzzling Sort of Logic

A Puzzling Sort of Logic

Subhadra M., Staff Writer

     Logic is an interesting idea. I mean, think about it. Logic could mean common sense, or it could mean problem-solving abilities. It means different things to different people. To me, it means puzzle time. You can solve logic puzzles at any time, and they clear your head.

     First up, analogies! Analogies are that kind of word game that you touch on in English class. An example is, “February is to Valentine’s Day as October is to.” The answer would be Halloween. If you look up analogies online, you’ll find an abundance of them.

     Next on our list, logic grids. These are a little less popular, but they’re still easy to find. They’re set up similar to a Tic-Tac-Toe game. You get a set of conditions to work with, and the objective is to fill out the chart with only one O (meaning, “yes, this is the correct option”) in every row and column. Some are very easy, but you can find mind-blowingly hard ones, too. It’s up to you what kind of puzzle you want to do.

     Of course, I must mention riddles. We all know riddles. The usual, “the more you dry me, the wetter I get—I’m a towel” sort of riddle isn’t what I’m talking about, though. If you make an effort to try to find more obscure riddles, you’ll be rewarded with quite a large amount of brain teasers. They can be in video or text format—it doesn’t matter so long as you’re giving your brain a stretch.

     “Which one doesn’t belong?” That’s the type of question asked on this final puzzle. For example, which one doesn’t belong in this set of animals: ewes, stallions, does, and peahens. The answer is “stallions” because they are the only male animals on the list. These kinds of problems can also help with random trivia questions if you ever come across them.

     If you ever need a little bit of mental exercise, these kinds of logic puzzles are the way to go. It’s always an adventure with these. I have a parting riddle for you, Reader: the more I eat, the bigger I grow. When I drink any water, though, I die. What am I?

     A fire.