Essential Skills


Marlon M., Staff Writer

     Most likely at least once in your lifetime, somebody told you that life is hard. If nobody has, here you go. But there are many tools that you can utilize to make life easier and more enjoyable for you. Learning new skills is one of them. Though it is not guaranteed that these skills will make a large impact on your life, it is still beneficial to learn them.

     The first group of skills you should learn is effective communication and consumption. This includes everything from public speaking and negotiation, to speed reading and touch typing. Learning to effectively give a speech and write is vital, as these are things that you will do often once in adulthood. Negotiation is useful for getting what you want or getting better than you could have. You can negotiate anything from a deal on a car to a raise at your job. Last is speed reading and touch typing. These skills give you an upper hand over other people, as you will be able to take in and give out information faster.

     The second group of skills is household “chores”. These include repairs, cleaning, and arguably the most enjoyable one, cooking, and baking. Everybody knows the importance of being able to repair and clean things, but cooking, on the other hand, is a little different. People often ask, why learn to cook when I can just go to McDonald’s and order a burger? Well, cooking is often less expensive than eating at restaurants, and YOU have control over what you are putting in your food and what you eat. You are not confined to the menu, and there are thousands of different recipes in cookbooks and the internet that you can try.

     The last skill, and almost all other skills are negligible without this, is self-care. Self-care is an essential skill, and we have many articles on covering the topic, most recently, an article on self-love. If your physical and emotional well-being does not come first, you will not have the willpower to do anything. It is imperative that you take care of yourself, and you will see your life improve drastically.

     Though it is usually tricky and tedious to learn a new skill, I believe that these skills will make a significant enough difference in your life that you will be grateful to have learned it. Thousands of other skills may make a larger difference in your life depending on circumstances, but in general, these skills are invaluable to the average Joe.