Fun Outdoor Winter Activties


Josephine H., Staff Writer

      Now that we’re past the holiday season, there are still two months of winter left and lots of time to kill. However, since we live in Southern California, there’s little chance of snow, (at least here in Redlands) but look forward to rain, especially this week! Here are a few outdoor activities to pass the time in these winter months.


  • Plogging

Plogging is a word that’s a combination of the Swedish word “plocka” (it means “to pick”) and “jogging”. Plogging is a Swedish fitness craze where you go jogging and pick up trash at the same time. It’s actually better for you (and the environment!) than regular jogging because you incorporate squats and bends into your workout when you bend over to pick up the trash.

  • Head up to the snow

Even though it doesn’t snow here in Redlands, there’s a pretty good chance it’ll snow in the mountains when it rains here. Go sledding, build snowmen, or have snowball fights with your friends and family. For example, Oak Glen is close by (just 30 minutes away!) and has snow.

  • Play in the rain

It probably won’t snow here, but it’ll definitely rain. We need it after the scorching heat of the summer. Enjoy splashing in puddles and dancing in the rain by grabbing your umbrella and coat and going out into the rain.

  • Hiking

Go hiking with your family out in nature and appreciate the complex structure and organisms that make up our world! You can spend hours hiking around and climbing through the parks that are littered around the state. For example, Prospect Park and Caroline Park are great places to hike in Redlands. The view is spectacular from the top of Caroline Park.