A Guide to Abbreviations

A Guide to Abbreviations

Subhadra M., Staff Writer

     If you’re like me, those texting abbreviations are a challenge. No, I’m serious. A real challenge. Here’s a guide to some of the weird combos of letters I’ve seen over quarantine. Ready?


     SMH – Shaking my head. I learned this one over quarantine. This one means that your friends are exasperated with you. (I get this one a lot.)

     ISTG – I swear to God. This one is a little less common, seeing as how not everyone shares the same beliefs. Still, in case you do want to use this, just say “ISTG” in normal situations to say, “I swear to God.” Easy peasy.

     “Tho” – Though. This one’s pretty easy. When you get lazy, just type “tho” instead of the whole word “though.” This one’s saved me multiple times.

     OMG – Oh my God/Oh my goodness. A lot of people use this one. It’s pretty obvious how to use it.

     NGL – Not gonna lie. This one’s kind of obvious, too. Oftentimes, my friends use it to say, “You’re crazy, ngl.”

     TLDR – Too long, didn’t read. This one doesn’t come up as often because texts are meant to be short, but it happens. My dad likes this one because I overtype in all of my text messages. 

     ILY – I love you. Some people use this one platonically while others use it for real. How you use it is your choice.

     OFC – Of course! This is used in a more enthusiastic way. It’s not often that you see this one, mostly because asking for favors usually happens through email, not texting.

     BTW – By the way. Easy one, this is. It’s super common. Sometimes, it can be used with a generous dose of sarcasm, so watch out for that.

     TBH – To be honest. This one’s pretty similar to NGL.

     TTYL – Talk to you later. A lot of people don’t like to use this one because they think it’s cringy. Still, it’s pretty common.


     That’s all for now, everyone. Okay, I know. This probably wasn’t new to most of you, but what can I say? Nerds like me aren’t all that good at texting. So, uh, what do I say here? Ah, right. TTYL!