Biden-Harris Inauguration


Caroline C., Editor

    All across the country, citizens and politicians have been awaiting the official inauguration of newly-elected president Joe Biden. Tomorrow -January 20th- is the day that Biden and the first woman vice president, Kamala Harris, will be sworn in to office.. With COVID-19 still a threat, only about 1,000 people will be attending and the inauguration will happen outdoors. This important event can be watched live here, as well as on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video. If Cope students are unable to watch the event because of having to attend classes, students can watch highlights of the inauguration on any one of many news channels later in the day. 

     Due to concerns about protesters, the capitol buildings in all fifty states are on “high alert” for any assault. Californian Governor Newsom said, according to the New York Times, “I can assure you we have a heightened, heightened level of security.” The National Guard and Highway Patrol are prepared to step in and help if there are security concerns at any of the capitol buildings.

     The inauguration tomorrow will be an important historical event that affects all citizens of our country. 


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