The Storming of the Capitol


Harris G., Staff Writer

     2021 started with great political tension as only 6 days into the year, the United States Capitol was stormed by a group of Trump supporters in protest of his loss in the presidential election which was accused by them of being fraudulent. Many of them were attempting to stop the official count of the electoral college votes that was occurring at that time. Members of the upper senate and the house of representatives were evacuated from their chambers. This was the first time that the capitol building had been breached since The War of 1812. Five people died, one capitol police officer and four rioters.

     The effect of the riot was felt far and wide. Multiple capitol police officers have been fired due to helping the protesters and an FBI official has said that the force expects to make hundreds of arrests. Additionally, Trump himself has been banned from virtually all social media platforms, and, of course, impeached. Several government officials including Betsy DeVos, the (now former) secretary of education, have resigned. The event was also said to be a Covid-19 superspreader event, which brings its death toll potentially many times higher. 

     The event has brought forth many criticisms. A commonly brought up point is that the Black Lives Matter protests were treated much more harshly by police. A statistic from The Guardian claims that left-wing protests are thrice as likely to be treated with police violence than right-wing ones. But not only that, many say that the protest for the capitol was actually allowed to happen by the capitol police, as the idea of the riot was known by them days in advance but rejected help from the FBI and National Guard. In closing, whatever your opinions about these facts, it’s undeniable that this riot was one of the most influential of this country’s history.