Editorial: Family Isn’t That Bad, Right?


Subhadra M., Staff Writer

     Okay, I know. It’s hard to tolerate your family sometimes. Still, remember that a lot of people don’t have anyone to look out for them. You’re lucky to have your relatives.

     I have a little sister. She’s only in third grade, but she knows exactly how to annoy me. That’s how most siblings are, but that’s kind of their way of showing love. They care about you enough to annoy you, if you’re catching my drift. Some of them even think your jokes are funny! Siblings just hate admitting it.

     On to parents. They’re really not trying to make your life miserable. Your parents care about you, and they just want you to go down the right path in life. (Whatever they say. You get my meaning.) Cleaning your room really is important, and keeping your Zoom background appropriate is, too. They never mean to hurt you by saying that kind of thing.

     Anyone else you live with? Grandparents? Cousins? Aunts, uncles? All of them have the same intentions. They care about you, though they probably find you just as annoying as you find them. It’s not just you.

     You can always take a break by talking to your friends. Just texting, or a nice FaceTime. You know, the usual. Remember to go back to your family after you’re done, though. They’ll miss you if you’re gone too long.