White Christmas-Or Should It Be Green?


Eco friendly gift wrapped in recycled paper surround by green plants

Kelsie V.


Dear reader, now, let’s be real here. The holiday season is one of the most festive and fun times of the year, but have you ever wondered how much plastic and paper we use during this time? We can sum it up in two words: a lot. You can do so much to make your holidays fun and environmentally friendly. 

Number 1: Ditch Disposables

During the winter season, a lot of disposable plastic cutlery and other items are used, adding to our ocean’s endless array of trash. Instead, use metal silverware or biodegradable forks and spoons. What’s a couple more dishes to wash when you are saving a seahorse?

Number 2: Shop Eco-Friendly

Presents are incredibly enjoyable to shop for and gift, however, many people use plastic bags to take these items home with them. Try using reusable cloth bags, which can be bought and used for a long time. Think about it, maybe it’s time to do a sewing session! Also, when looking for stocking stuffers, try homemade goodies, rather than plastic packaged candy from the store. Try filling it up with some metal straws as well, which your family will definitely appreciate!

Number 3: Green Gifts

Pondering on which racecar to wrap for your little brother? Don’t buy a plastic one! Some websites and stores have toys made from recycled materials such as GreenToys. GreenToys is an online website that sells toy cars, boats, and more, all made from recycled milk jugs! This is only one of all the great options there are out there and here is the link to their website: https://www.greentoys.com/

So you see, our world is a fragile beauty that needs care, and recycling and reusing during this holiday season will contribute to keeping the planet happy and healthy. Think of it like this: when you help save our earth by doing something small, that my friend, is the greatest gift of all!