COVID Update: Regional Stay at Home Order

COVID Update: Regional Stay at Home Order

Caroline C., Editor

     Despite our best efforts, COVID-19 is getting worse. It continues to spread and affect people and their families. Mask-wearing, social distancing, and quarantine have become noticeably lax. Restaurants have even begun to allow outdoor seating.

     As a result, a new lockdown order went into effect Sunday night. Known as the “Regional Stay at Home Order,” this order goes into effect immediately (according to “after a region has been announced to have less than 15% ICU availability.” For clarification, ICU means “intensive care unit,” and the dropping availability means that people will not be able to get the aid they need.  The new order will close personal services, hair salons, outdoor dining, and travel. Shopping centers will only be opened at 20% capacity. Additionally, only people in the same household will be allowed to gather.

This order will be in place for three weeks. Masks must continue to be worn, covering both your mouth and nose. And, please continue to social distance and continue to put on hand sanitizer. Doing so, even if it is uncomfortable, will help to keep others and yourself safe. 


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