Amusing Anagrams

Amusing Anagrams

Tessa H., Staff Writer

     Upon seeing the title of this article, you may ask: Well, what is an anagram? An anagram is a word/phrase that can be formed by rearranging the letters of a different word/phrase! For instance, the letters of anagram can be ordered into the phrase nag a ram. As you can see, anagrams can be in everyday words that you have never noticed you’ve been using, and they can also be very humorous. If you have read Harry Potter, you know that there is an anagram embedded into the plot of the story — Tom Marvelo Riddle has the same letters as I am Lord Voldemort

     Here are some of my favorite anagrams, which include both words and phrases:

Listen / silent: This anagram can be a word of advice as well as wordplay — some may use it as a reminder that when someone is talking, to fully be able to listen to their ideas you have to be quiet and let them talk.

Moon starer / Astronomer: Humorously, this anagram is a comparison of astronomers to ‘moon starers’ because a huge part of astronomy is learning about the moon. But, there is so much more to learning about celestial bodies than looking at the moon!

Conversation / Voices rant on: This is another witty anagram. Although a conversation can be civil, they can indeed be, well, voices ranting on.

Here come dots / The morse code: This anagram is very true — morse code is a series of dots and dashes that are used in telecommunication. 

Eleven plus two / Twelve plus one: Have you noticed something even more astounding about this one? Eleven plus two and twelve plus one both equal thirteen! This is perhaps one of the most clever anagrams.

The eyes / They see: Anagrams can be relatively simple, as shown by this one. It is easier to see the relation between the two words because you only have to move around two letters to rearrange the words.

Snooze alarms / Alas no more z’s: This anagram is quite ironic because when you snooze an alarm, it lets you sleep more! But, it still is a very clever rearrangement of the words.

Cash lost in ‘em / Slot machines: Along with the first anagram I talked about, this one could be another word of advice. Slot machines can eat your money up, but there is always the minuscule chance that you could hit a jackpot.

A decimal point / I’m a dot in place: Although this is the last anagram I have, it is not the least! It is quite matter-of-fact: a decimal is meant to separate numbers. 

     Since anagrams can be a brain-teaser (or eaters!), they are a popular subject for games. One popular game is Anagrams, where — as the name implies — players flip over tiles and compete to take words or make anagrams. And, they can even steal each other’s words by adding on to them or rearranging their letters. Another similar game is Clabbers (an anagram of Scrabble), in which players can place tiles in any order on a board as long as the letters can be rearranged into another word. Yet another game is Boggle, where players create words from a grid of 16 cubes with letters printed on them. The words have to be made from a chain of adjacent cubes. So, try some of these games out if you find you are liking the challenge of creating anagrams and words!

     In conclusion, anagrams are a rather intriguing type of wordplay. They can have no meaning but still convey humor. This type of wordplay can be nestled into many titles and phrases that we may overlook, so they can be an ‘easter egg’ of sorts! If the subject of wordplay has peaked your curiosity, check out the article about palindromes — another type of wordplay — by Harris G. on The Talon.