Hot Chocolate Boards


Sarah M., Staff Writer

     For everyone who loves hot chocolate, these boards will be something you love! Everyone has different things that they like to put in their hot chocolate and these boards have something for everyone. A hot chocolate would look like a wood plate with mugs, hot coco, and as many side treats as you could want. Some examples of side treats are marshmallows, white chocolate, something with mints, whip cream, candy canes, cookies, chocolate pretzels, and a bunch of other treats.

     Hot chocolate boards are a lot like cheese boards. If it is sweet and goes with the flavor of chocolate then you can put it on the board. You need hot chocolate mix, cups, and a mixing spoon. You can also prepare the hot chocolate ahead of time. Then you find sweets and other treats to put on the board. Finally, you are ready to treat yourself to some delicious hot chocolate.

     Don’t forget that these boards don’t just have to be for Christmas, whenever you want a hot chocolate board you can make one.