Caroline Caballero Becomes a Newly Published Author


Lilus M., Staff Writer

     There are many great students who have done some extraordinary things during their school years at Cope. 

     For this article, I interviewed a particular student. I interviewed her because she used her talent to accomplish a goal… to publish a book.

     Just a couple of months ago, 8th grader Caroline Caballero finally became a newly published author! After almost a year of working on her book, “Dark Horizon,” she was finally able to publish it. “Dark Horizons” is a story written from the perspective of a group of lynxes. Two lynx sisters, Horizon and Feather, journey together along with three other lynxes. They soon learn that they are the Chosen Ones. They must work together and overcome obstacles in order to defeat two evil awoken spirits before it’s too late. 

     I read the book myself when it first came out on Amazon. Honestly, the book was amazing. I got hooked on the book because it was so thrilling and filled with adventure. I definitely recommend this book, especially if you need a book to help you get through quarantine. Now, let’s get to the interview.

On September 5th, 13 year old Caroline published her first book on Amazon.     

     She stated that she originally wanted to publish her book in Barnes & Noble. Unfortunately, they only worked with people 18+ years old. According to Caroline, she did all of the research and work for publishing her book all on her own, with some tips from a friend! 

     Caroline first started on her book in 2019. When asked why she wrote  “Dark Horizons,” she responded, “I don’t know if there was a reason for it. I just had a journal to write it in, and then I decided to type it into a story because I wanted to share it.”      

     As mentioned before, Caroline used lynxes as the main characters of the story. When asked why, she replied, “Lynxes were a cross between Warrior Cats fiction and wolf stories. Lynxes are strong animals and aren’t typically used.” If you didn’t know, Caroline is a big fan of the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter, which inspired her to write fanfiction and even her own stories from an animal’s perspective. 

     When Caroline was creating her main characters, she described them as drafts that developed themselves over time into better characters. There were even a couple of characters that Caroline didn’t consider adding in the story at first. There are seven main characters:  the five protagonists, also known as the Chosen Ones, are sisters Horizon and Feather, Reed, Frost, and Crow. As mentioned before, the Chosen Five were chosen to defeat the two awoken evil spirits. These two villians are known as Blood and Stone. Caroline commented that she was very proud after creating these two characters. Lastly, there’s always a Dumbledore in stories like there, or in other words, that wise person. In this story, Night is a wise spirit who guides the Chosen Ones. She’s the enemy of the two villains Blood and Stone, and has defeated them before. But as time passes by, Night doesn’t have the ability to send Blood and Stone back to where they belong, which is why it’s up to the Chosen Ones to fulfill the prophecy. 

     While writing the book, Caroline stated that she was annoyed with her past-self for writing in unnecessary parts in the original story, but other than that, she was very excited while writing her book. When asked what her favorite part of the book was, she eagerly replied, “Definitely the end…I am very proud of the ending.”

     Once Caroline finally finished her book, she felt very proud of it, and was hopeful that people would like it. For her book, Caroline drew an amazing cover. It’s supposed to be Night’s face, along with five stars beneath her, which represent the Chosen Ones. Geez, not only is she a talented writer, but she’s also a fantastic artist!

     Caroline was asked if there would be a sequel to her book, and she replied, “There is an idea for it, but it would definitely be deeper than the first one.” I personally think that Caroline’s first book deserves to be part of a series. Caroline even considered writing other books other than Dark Horizons.

     Lastly, Caroline wanted to offer a few words of wisdom. “It’s actually something that you wrote, Lilus,” Caroline said as she pulled out a journal. The journal she held in her hands contained the first few drafts of her story Dark Horizons. It was the journal I gave to her as a gift, and in it, I wrote at the very end of my letter, “Turn your CAN’Ts into CANs. Turn you DREAMS into PLANS.” (Lilus Montes 2019)

     Alright, not to toot my own horn , but, wow, those were some real pearls of wisdom.

     To conclude, Caroline got to become a professional young, talented writer. Next time you hear from her, she would’ve sold her bestseller book series to all types of readers.


 *If you’re interested in reading Caroline’s book, be sure to check out the link below! 

OR just look up “Dark Horizons by Caroline Caballero” on Amazon