Staying strong: Only 16 days left

Staying strong: Only 16 days left

Harris G., Staff Writer

     It may be hard to believe, but the semester is coming to a close! Right now there are only 16 school days left. Time to kick back, relax, and prepare for vacation, right? No, absolutely not right. As long as grades are being entered into the grade book, students need to stay vigilant and complete their assignments. If one loses focus, their grades will slip into oblivion shockingly quickly. But keeping constant vigilance is not very easy, especially when students are getting tired and are eagerly waiting for vacation. So how can one do it?

     One of the things that make school — and especially distance learning — so difficult is getting distracted. The plethora of entertainment that is available with a single click through sites like Youtube makes doing schoolwork seemingly impossible at times. But there are some very good ways to combat this. One is keeping a designated both spatial and temporal area for schoolwork, and one for entertainment. For example, one can force themself to do schoolwork on their computer, while entertaining themself on their TV. Or, if one has a laptop, they can watch videos on their laptop in one place, while doing schoolwork in another. Additionally, one can force themself to always do their schoolwork from 3 o’clock to 4 o’clock, while watching TV afterward. These are just examples — but the general strategy helps many people’s bodies to stay focused, as they will associate certain places and times with work and they will be less compelled to do anything else at those times.

     However, many people will find that this is not enough. If one isn’t motivated at all, designated areas do little good, as even when doing schoolwork one will not be very productive. This is where setting a goal is very useful. Setting goals increases motivation for many people, and this is especially true right now when the obvious deadline for winter break is so soon. Goals help people feel that there is something to work for. They can be short-term, such as “I will finish this homework assignment before dinner,” or long-term, such as “I will maintain a B or higher in this class until winter break.” Short-term goals don’t last very long, but they are easier to hold oneself to than long-term goals. However, a strategy similar to setting a goal that requires less direct effort is just keeping the thought of winter break in one’s head. This gives one something to work towards, yet it has fuzzier borders than strict goals, which is a beneficial attribute to some people.

     Even though these strategies don’t work for everyone, some things do. Make sure to check Aeries! All teachers frequently update Aeries, and many even accept late work so you can avoid missing assignments. And no matter what, it is important to remember that through these last 16 days, students must stay strong and keep their grades up. Vacation is almost here, and it will be sweet and well-earned, but until then, constant vigilance!