Ways to Give Back for Thanksgiving


    Thanksgiving is next week, and it is time to celebrate. We have received many things throughout the entirety of our lives, especially this year. Unsung heroes have been developing vaccines to fight COVID, firefighters extinguish fires, officers continuing to do their jobs, saving lives, protecting people, despite being oppressed. We have been reaping the wonders that they have provided, and now it is time to do something for others. Remember, the smallest thing can change someone’s life.

      One thing you can do is to write a thank you note or send a care package to a soldier. Soldiers spend years fighting for the safety of our country, far away in different parts of the world, not seeing their families for months. There are countless stories of kids writing letters to soldiers saying thank you. Many of these soldiers say those very letters get them through their service. So, write to a soldier and change a life. A few words can mean a lot.

     The second option is to donate to your favorite charity. Giving to charity makes you feel good, strengthens your values, shows your gratitude, the list of positives goes on and on. Not only that, but even a small donation can make a difference. For example, a 25 dollar donation can give a blind person with cataracts surgery to restore their vision. A 10 dollar donation can feed a family. There are thousands of other charities to donate to. Even if you don’t have money, you can volunteer and donate your time, and, honestly, there’s no feeling like giving to something that you feel strongly for.

     The last possibility is to host a Zoom call with friends and loved ones. Now you might ask, “How is this a way of giving back?” Well, humans are a social species. Speaking with a grandparent or a relative can brighten their day, and it will make you feel good too. This may sound corny, but I call my Grandparents in Germany every week. They aren’t in the best physical condition, but talking with them always makes them feel better, and it makes me feel fulfilled. Reach out to relatives during Thanksgiving, you won’t regret it.

     Thanksgiving is a time of receiving, but also a time of giving. Giving will make you feel fulfilled, and it will also benefit others. So, say thanks, but give just as much.