Water Bottle Flip Challenge: Yay or Nay

Perfect Water Bottle

Perfect Water Bottle

Harry F., Staff Writer

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Recently, the water bottle flip challenge has been banned at our school. I do not really have a firm opinion on the situation because I can see each side of the argument. However, I think we should allow it because it is harmless. I think some kids were taking advantage of the game and throwing bottles too high in the air. Without these kids going overboard, it would be a harmless game that kids use to pass time.  Once again, there are many irresponsible kids that ruin it for everyone. When you see kids chucking the water bottle into the air, it makes the staff want to ban it because it could hurt somebody. Another reason it has been banned is because students do it in the class room. This is incredibly distracting, and I personally think that this is a great reason to ban it. However, I wish kids hadn’t ruined the fun for everyone. I completely respect Mr. Oliver’s choice to get rid of it but maybe we could be a little more relaxed on the rules and maybe allow it at lunch.