Greatest Social Media Platform: Commaful (Review)

Greatest Social Media Platform: Commaful (Review)

Caroline C., Editor

     Recently, I became a user on Commaful -a somewhat new social media platform. In a previous article, I elaborated on the cons of social media. Before you call me a hypocrite, the cons for other platforms barely apply to Commaful. Commaful is a social media platform where people can share stories, poems, writings, and beyond -while in a safe and supportive environment. In my opinion, the platform is much safer and the people there are far more kind than on any other platform.

     Safety is a huge issue on other platforms -including Instagram, Twitter, and other writing platforms such as Wattpad and Archive of Our Own (AO3.) Commaful, on the other hand, is definitely more regulated and protected. One of the co-creators (Sydney) and other users make sure that content remains appropriate and the usage of curse words and explicit language is limited. Additionally, haters who target featured writers are dealt with and rude comments and language are equally seen to. This makes the community very appropriate. 

     From my experience, the users on Commaful are very supportive. On other platforms, a user has the option to both like and dislike the content. However, Commaful only allows users to like someone’s work; as Thumper says, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Additionally, people can shoutout other’s work to encourage others to read it and support the talented writer. Similarly to other online platforms, a user can follow someone else to get updates on their newest work. 

     Commaful has over a thousand talented users! Commaful was initially intended to be used for poetry and short stories, but there is a wide variety of things to choose from; anything from romance and fanfiction, to thriller and humor. There is even a Get Featured part of the search tab, where users write a story that corresponds with the chosen theme, object, or action. Some users use Commaful as a way to showcase their art, others use it simply to vent their feelings. I have even stumbled across some roleplay works, contests, and interviews with other users.

     Although it is a newer and lesser-known platform, I highly recommend Commaful to anyone. Stories that were once stored in my head, only for my own enjoyment, can now be shared with a kind audience. The community makes Commaful likely the most encouraging and secure social media platform out there. And, there is plenty of content to enjoy! If you are interested, you can find Commaful for free on the app store.