Really, You’d Best Watch It.

Really, Youd Best Watch It.

Subhadra M., Staff Writer

     There’s always that one show that makes you feel like life is insignificant. The show that made me feel that way was (drumroll, please) “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” Filled with action, adventure, drama, romance, magic, and crazy martial arts, this show is for everybody.

     Avatar, known by fans as ATLA, is a television show that you should consider viewing. A twelve-year-old named Aang is found preserved in an iceberg. He’s the Avatar, meaning that he can bend, or manipulate, all four of the elements – earth, fire, air, and water. However, Aang has only mastered the element of air. He cannot bend water, fire, or earth. Katara, a waterbender, and Sokka, her brother, accompany Aang on his quest to find masters to teach him bending.

     In this fictional world, the viewer can also learn a lot about society and government patterns. There is a corrupt system that separates the ultra-rich from the desperately poor. The king himself has never even stepped out of his palace, he doesn’t know a war is going on, and he certainly can’t tell that there’s a coup going on right under his nose. Apart from that, Sokka learns that girls are a whole lot more powerful than he may think. Meanwhile, Aang learns that there’s much more to life than just fun. There’s also a kind man who enjoys his jasmine tea nice and hot. All of these wonderful characters, and many, many more, are teaching and helping you more than you could ever realize.

     Some people may think that this Y-7 television series is far from middle school material. However, as you watch this show, you realize you can travel to distant lands, laugh without pause, and eventually appreciate this series for what it is: a gem.