Among Us Tips And Tricks


Josephine H., Staff Writer

These days, two years after the release of Among Us, the number of players has skyrocketed. If you play, you’ll probably want some tips to up your chances of a win. Here are three tips for each imposter and crewmate rounds:



  1.  On all the maps, there’s a table in the admin room, called the admin table. This shows the locations of all the people in the lobby, except for ghosts. It shows a body if there’s a dead body in a room, it just doesn’t move. There’s a vent in all the admin rooms, and it shows venting (the body will teleport to the room) so you can easily tell if an imposter is sitting in the vent in the same room as you. Check the admin table regularly for dead bodies and venting.
  2.  Stay in groups, preferably of 3 or more, so you have less of a chance of being cornered by an imposter. Do your tasks together, and keep your eye on the taskbar to make sure nobody’s faking a task.
  3.  Fix sabotages. Imposters can sabotage stuff including doors and the lights. On the Polus map, you can open doors, but on the Skeld you’ll just have to wait until they open, and make sure to check for bodies. Other sabotages are O2, reactor, comms, and lights. The first two sabotages are deadly, if they aren’t fixed in time, the imposters will win. Lights and comms are minor nuisances, but you can’t call emergency meetings during sabotages (you CAN report bodies though).


  1.  Fake tasks. Make sure to not seem “sus” by faking tasks. There are multiple “common tasks” that everyone has, including keys (on Polus), card swipe, wires, and the card code (on MiraHQ). These change every round, and the host can set it so there are no common tasks, so make sure to check your “fake tasks” list for any of these common tasks (they appear first on the list). If the taskbar updates after every task, fake two-part tasks like wires (if it’s a common task that round), gas, and divert power, since the taskbar will only update after the entire task is over. If the taskbar updates at meetings or never (because of the update), you can fake other tasks, but make sure to stay for long enough, so the crewmates around you won’t suspect you.
  2.  Participate in the conversation. Say “where” when a body is found, throw sus on people that have been seen “venting” or “faking” a task, and ask for sus at the beginning of a meeting, even though you know exactly who the imposter(s) are. If you are voted out while imposter, say another color to help your imposter partner(s). For example, if you are red and imposter with purple, if you are being voted out say (for example) “Fine, I’m the imposter with orange”. This might get your imposter partner a free kill and a better chance to win the game.
  3.  Stick with your imposter partner (just not all the time). If you stick with your imposter partner, you can “clear” them for kills and get double kills together.


     If you don’t have Among Us, you can get Among Us on mobile and PC via Steam. On mobile, Among Us is free (with in-app purchases), and on PC via Steam, there’s a fee of just 5 dollars (with in-app purchases too). The in-app purchases consist of fun clothing and pets/mini-crewmates for your Among Us character.