Editorial: Google’s new logos are an embarrassment


Harris G., Staff Writer

     Google is the fifth-largest company in the world with a market capitalization of almost one trillion dollars. It dominates the search engine market with 86.86% of the industry’s market share. It also has almost one hundred thousand employees. I find it embarrassing, then, that the company has failed in both making a logo that is even acceptable to look at, and recognizing that its previous logos were iconic and perfect. 

     In a recent update, Google has changed the logos of its different apps to a new set. The set features a color combination of green, yellow, red, and blue. The logos are made in a style reminiscent of bubble letters. My first complaint is that having four colors in one logo is far too much. The logos typically include only a very small corner of red or yellow that adds nothing but confusion and messiness to the design. The logos also feature an effect were in specific areas of the logo, two colors overlap, forming even smaller details that look messy as well. And what’s worse is that these logos are traditionally viewed in a very small part of one’s screen. This means that what is already a messy logo looks even worse.

     When I first saw these logos, it became clear to me that Google had attempted to make their logos more uniform across all of their many apps. I still believe that that was their intent, but they certainly did not succeed in my opinion. I first noticed this in Gmail, where sometimes the new logo was used and in other times the old one was, but this appears to have been changed recently. However, the same is not true for other Google apps, such as in Google meets and Google Hangouts where they previously had matching logos, but now Google Meets has switched to the new style while Google Hangouts has been left behind. Google Drive has been left relatively untouched (as it didn’t need any major changes to fit with the new style), although it has gotten a new and annoying red spot. Google Docs, Google Classroom, Google Slides, Google Forms, and Google Sheets have not been changed at all and are still for the most part different from each other and especially other Google logos. Google Chrome itself has also not changed, and although it uses the same colors as the new logos, it does not use the same style in my opinion and still does not appear uniform.

     So, I believe that Google’s new logos are unattractive and not an improvement. The old logos were good looking, and also wonderful in that they didn’t try to be uniform. The new ones are ugly and attempt to be uniform while for the most part failing. So how did Google make such an awful mistake? Unfortunately, I think that the answer is that they didn’t make a mistake at all. A large company such as Google doesn’t need to care about whether or not people like their logos because although I can complain all I want, I’m still going to be using Google’s products just as much as before, although maybe with a slight look of disdain on my face as I do.