Haunted places in Redlands

Sarah M., Staff Writer

  There are many supposed haunted places around Redlands, but are they really? Here are some of the stories and it is your choice if they are just stories or not. 

    Mariposa is apparently one place that is haunted. Mariposa is supposedly haunted by a boy named Billy. In the 1960s, Billy was riding his bike when he got hit by a bus. He later died and it is reported that he is still on school grounds. There are reports of swings going back and forth by themselves and rumors that if you knock on the nurse’s door someone will knock back. 

     Another place that is supposedly haunted is the Morey mansion. The Morey mansion was once owned by Sarah and David Morey, but one day, out of the blue, Sarah had died.Sad David never wanted to go back to that house again. Later David passed away and people have started to report paranormal things going on. Some examples of these are loud bangs, objects falling, doors opening and closing, the sound of kids playing, and door knobs rattling.

     A final example is the Barton Mansion. This mansion was built by Dr. Benjamin Barton and has rumors of ghost-like happenings. Examples of this are cold temperatures coming over people, doors pushed open, and a figure watching you leave. People have also felt like they are not welcome, being watched, and seeing a face watching people. 

      These are places reported to be haunted. It is up to you if you think that these stories are