Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Subhadra M., Staff Writer

     Dear Reader, have you ever wondered how Rock, Paper, Scissors truly started? It’s a very old game that dates back many centuries ago…

     In China, there was a game created in the 17th century that resembled today’s very common game. Its form is known as a sansukumi-ken game. It was played with three opposing animals: the frog, which beats the slug, which beats the snake, which beats the frog. The Japanese played a very similar game, but the opposing characters were different.

     The Japanese game of Janken, created in the 19th century, was when the actual rock, paper (originally called “cloth”), and scissors signs were used. This is the version of the three opposing elements that the modern game was derived from. It wasn’t very widespread until the 20th century. British, French, and American newspapers and magazines wrote about this new sensation. Through trade interactions, they had learned about it, too. It was described as a good way for children to settle arguments.

     It is not known why this particular sansukumi-ken game was more popular than the rest, but it could be because it is a simple and easy game. Ready? Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!