Pet Halloween Costumes


My two dogs (Otis and Zoe), ready for Halloween

Tessa H., Staff Writer

     Now, Halloween is just around the bend. Not only will you want to dress yourself up, but you will want to outfit your pets in something stylish, too! Even if you aren’t trick-or-treating, these pet costumes can be adorable to see around your house. Just be sure to check that your furry friends are comfortable in their outfits.

     First things first– dogs are perfect for costumes! Depending on what type of dog you have, certain costumes can look cute on them. You can dress up a dachshund as a hot dog, a dalmatian as a skeleton, and a golden retriever as a scarecrow. Or, you can go for something more abstract, such as a unique monster, which will look great on any type of dog.

     Also, you can give your cats a makeover. Using their ears and tails as an advantage, you can dress them up as a different animal, such as a panda or a fox. Also, going for a full-on Halloween theme, a black cat can be a witch with a broomstick (cat toy) or a bat (felt wings). 

     Smaller animals, like hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs, can still be dressed up! They look cute as characters, such as Disney princesses, or recognizable people. To add on, you can outfit one of these pets as Halloween candy: candy corn, pumpkins, or Hershey’s chocolate.

      You do not have to buy elaborate costumes for your furry friends– making them at home is fun and costs less. Materials such as felt, cloth, pom-poms, and string can be used to whip up an outfit in as fast as a day! Plus, you can tailor it to fit your pet perfectly. 

     To conclude, these are some ideas for pet Halloween costumes. If you want them to shine on your pet, then give some of them a try!