Halloween From Home

Halloween From Home

Lilus M., Staff Writer

     Halloween is right around the corner, and we all know that this year’s Halloween will surely be different. We won’t be able to go knocking from house to house, collecting varieties of candies. We won’t be able to visit that one house with a full-on decorated lawn that you get to walk through. Most of us are thinking if we should just not celebrate Halloween at all. No way, Jose! Going outside and visiting houses isn’t the only way to celebrate Halloween! Let me give you a few simple and super fun ways to celebrate Halloween from home.

     We usually celebrate the holidays with our family. You and your family are already at home together, so what should you all do? Spend the night watching Halloween movies! Trust me, this is the perfect way to spend a nice Halloween night with your family. First, gather a whole supply of candies, snacks, and all that other junk food. Then, go ahead and make yourselves cozy. When you’re all ready, settle down, turn on the T.V, turn off the lights, and get prepared for a possibly spooky night.

     If you want to celebrate Halloween during the day before having a family movie night, spend it with your friends! You can do an infinite number of things!! Start off by creating a zoom, that way you can invite any of your friends. Next, the virtual Halloween party is up to you guys! You can start off by holding a costume contest! Then, host a fun game to play with all of your friends. It can be Would You Rather, Truth or Dare, Mothia, or even online video games such as Among Us and Minecraft. Just get creative! Get crazy! 

     Although these are just a couple of suggestions, they may inspire you to do much more. You can hold the greatest virtual Halloween party in history! You can celebrate Halloween however you want, just as long as you make the most of it…and just as long as you stay hidden from those Halloween ghosts and vampires searching for you. Mwahahaha!!! Happy Halloween!