Editorial: Zoom vs Google Meets


Harris G., Staff Writer

     With Cope and many other schools being forced to be held online, teachers have been faced with a difficult choice: Which video conferencing software is best suited for online school? Of course, there is an abundance of different options available for video conferencing, but the only two being used at Cope right now are Zoom and Google Meets, and thus these are the options that I will be comparing.

     Zoom has many very helpful features that Google Meets simply doesn’t, especially when it comes to the meeting chat. Zoom’s chat comes with the ability to privately chat with someone; and the host of a meeting has the ability to control the chat, whether that means disabling it completely or merely disabling the ability to private chat with people other than the teacher. Zoom also has the ability to share computer sound without also screen sharing. Until recently, Zoom’s biggest advantage over Google Meets would be the feature of breakout rooms, but Google Meets has recently added this capability to their software to match Zoom. Along with this update, Google Meets also added polls, which used to be exclusive to Zoom, and Q&As, which is something that Zoom is lacking.

     In turn, Google Meets also has some advantages over Zoom. Most of these come with being developed by the tech behemoth that is Google. On a Google Classroom page, which is where teachers at Cope post all of their work and assignments, for the most part, a link to a Google Meet can be permanently posted at the top of the page. Over on Zoom, a teacher must either post the Zoom meeting ID and passcode at the top of the page or include the link as a post in the classroom stream, which adds unnecessary clutter to the stream and makes it harder to find other important information. Google Meets also works as a tab in Google, whereas Zoom is an app on one’s computer, although this can hardly be said to be an advantage or a disadvantage. 

     In conclusion, Google Meets and Zoom are both excellent software, which should be expected given their popularity, but Zoom has more features overall that are especially useful for teachers. Also, Zoom is currently more popular at Cope, and it is good for students to have all classes be held on the same site. So, both of the software will work fine, but Zoom will give teachers an extra advantage to help them during this time.